Established in 2023, Bullionz was created by CEO Razi Salih in an effort to provide worldwide users with an easy to use ability to trade gold. Since its conception, Bullionz has since grown to be a respected leader in its field by establishing global partnerships with various payment service providers, shipping services, auditors, vaulting establishments, governmental bodies, and blockchain providers. Along with its extensive team of experts in the fields of sales, marketing, and compliance, Bullionz–based in Sofia, Bulgaria; has created a comprehensive business model focused on providing top notch gold based trading solutions for all.


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By basing its services on fully allocatable digital assets, Bullionz spearheads the utility of everyday trading services with physically backed gold. Bullionz aims to provide users with a system that is not influenced by inflation or degradation of value. Via a comprehensive yet user-friendly platform, Bullionz has made gold trading rewarding for all.


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30 January 2024

A Spotlight on the Bullionz Platform

In an era where traditional investing methods are continuously changing, digital assets have emerged as a revolutionary force, offering investors unprecedented prospects. Among these, digital gold has gained substantial interest. Due to this, Bullionz understood the intrinsic value of combining technology with gold and seeks to lead the way through its platform. This article will discuss the outstanding features of Bullionz, which provide a seamless experience for trading, redeeming, and yielding digital gold.

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30 January 2024

Why Buy Physical Gold?

If you're considering investing in gold, there are several methods available to add the precious metal to your holdings. Depending on your objectives, the kind of gold investment you select can have a significant impact on the value of total assets.

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30 January 2024

Origins of Gold's Name

Throughout human history, certain elements have held an intrinsic attraction and stood the test of time. One such element is gold, a valuable metal that has captivated civilizations for millennia. But how exactly did gold get its illustrious name? Since Bullionz is all about gold, we will enlighten here the roots of gold's mysterious moniker.

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30 January 2024

Everything Is Digital – Including Gold

Since the dawn of civilization, gold has always remained a highly valued commodity. Historically, gold was predominantly utilized as a medium of exchange; however, in present day, numerous investors purchase gold for the purposes of asset diversification, as well as to protect against inflation, political instability, and economic uncertainty. Traditional forms of gold investment included physical gold bullion bars and coins, gold exchange traded funds (EFTs), and sovereign gold bonds (SGBs). Yet with advancements in technology, gold investing is changing to one of a digital nature. In this article, we will dive into the world of digital gold.

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A Comprehensive Trading Ecosystem

Trade digitalized gold tokens on an intuitive platform to tap into the liquidity of precious metals and diversify your portfolio.


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