Modernizing And Digitizing Gold

Enter into the world of precious metals through a digital asset backed by real gold, to trade and earn physical gold.



  • BTXG is an ERC-20 token stored on our secured hard wallets.
  • Each BTXG is backed by one gram of real gold stored and fully insured in our secure vaults.
  • Own real gold without the hassle of storage, insurance and fees, through blockchain technology.
  • Trade and stake tokenized gold through BTXG via our exchange.

See BTXG In Action

More Than Just A Token


Turn Gold into Your Money



Gain rewards on every BTXG token traded, paid out in real money.



By owning BTXG, you also own the underlying physical gold that it is backed by, which is kept in globally dispersed, separate vaults.



All BTXG tokens can be redeemed and delivered for their physical gold equivalent at any time.



Through BullionZ, you can obtain and store BTXG at the best possible rates.


  • BTXG in Circulation
  • BTXG worth 1 G of Gold
  • BTXG Redeemed for Physical Gold
  • BTXG Used for Transactions
  • BTXG Traded
  • BTXG Bought
  • BTXG Sold


Find the answers to our frequently asked questions here.

What is BTXG?

What is BTXG?

Bullionz's Token, BTXG, is a digital currency. By implementing blockchain technology, Bullionz has digitized possession of tangible precious metals such as gold. As such, each BTXG token is backed by one gram of real gold, which is secured within fully audited and completely insured in vaults. Globally, one can exchange, earn, and make payments in physical gold using BTXG.

With Bullionz's BTXG, customers can experience the manifold advantages of gold ownership without the added complexities of account fees, storage, or insurance. It combines the practicality of a traditional currency with the reliability of a precious metal as a digital asset, without the issues of volatility that plagues conventional cryptocurrencies.

Each BTXG token equates to a contract of 1 gram of real gold with a fineness of 999.9 and bearing a serial number.

How do I buy BTXG?

How do I buy BTXG?

Bullionz has significantly simplified the process of purchasing digitalized physical gold (BTXG) at current market rates in a matter of seconds.

Via the Bullionz account main dashboard, the customer simply inputs the desired amount of money they wish to spend or the quantity of gold they wish to purchase, completes the payment process, and will then see the BTXG token amounts reflect throughout their account.

How do I know that the price offered is fair for gold?

How do I know that the price offered is fair for gold?

By virtue of our global vaulting network, Bullionz is capable of providing competitive pricing for its products, sourced from the most significant trading centers worldwide.

How can I invest in gold with BTXG?

How can I invest in gold with BTXG?

Establishing a Bullionz account is all that is required to invest in gold via our platform.

Through the main Bullionz account dashboard and Bullionz’s Exchange–our precious metals trading platform; one can trade, exchange, invest in, buy, and sell precious metals.

Additionally, Bullionz provides a passive yield on all BTXG that is traded within our platform.

Can I trade BTXG?

Can I trade BTXG?

Yes. On the Bullionz Exchange, we to trade our digitized gold asset (BTXG) via market orders. Market Orders enables customers to immediately purchase or sell gold at its current market value.

What benefits or rewards can I get when using BTXG?

What benefits or rewards can I get when using BTXG?

Bullionz offers a Yield or rewards program when employing the use of BTXG:

  • Trading Rewards – Provides customers with a passive Yield or reward based on the trading fees garnered from all collective actions (i.e. Pool) performed in the Bullionz Exchange trading platform. Rewards are divided amongst participating customers, depending on each individual's amount of BTXG tokens Yielded within this program.

Is this a stable token?

Is this a stable token?

Yes. BTXG is a cryptocurrency whose value is intrinsically connected with an underlying stable commodity which has retained its value throughout history, gold.

Each BTXG digital asset is backed by 1 gram of fully allocated, fine gold. Via blockchain technology, Bullionz has digitalized the proof of ownership of physical precious metals.

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